More new articles

Just a heads up that two new articles added to the article section of the main site, both  summaries of recently released marine  science results:


  • Hanging out with the Right dolphins

A study of how early socialising can have significant effects on the later life of bottlenose dolphins in Shark Bay, Australia.

Funnily enough the day after I wrote this (these articles sometimes take a while to get published on the main site) Celine Frere who has worked on the shark-bay dolphins for some time and recently started work at our university, gave a talk on “Incorporating social interactions into our understanding of evolution”. Which was rather a fun coincidence.

I have a few friends in the department who work on social networks. If this article interests you, I recommend checking out their blogs: Flock Mentality and The Irish Brent Goose Project for various goose based social network things.

  • Leopard seals look after their teeth

A description of the rather unique dual feeding strategy of the Leopard seals.

You can find these artciles under the article section the main website at fourth element.

I’m playing with the idea of directly linking to articles from these blog posts, but unfortunately this would just open the one article in a new tab without any of the surrounding website.How the article section on the site will be organised as more articles are added is also something to think about. If anyone has any feedback or suggestions into how any aspect of the site is run please e-mail me or comment and I’ll pass it on to the Fourth Element webmaster.

 Image courtesy of Wikicommons


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