After several weeks of just me and a few shrews, I now have company:



Oh and there are folk from the natural history museum too. More on that later.

The work is going well. As ever, there is some learning as I go along. However I am now careering round St. Mary’s on a bicycle, dodging tourists.

The weather on the Scillies is always highly unpredictable, and it’s entirely possible to get frozen by gales and sunburnt on the same day. It’s not all bad though:


(Since this photo, I seem to have lost all my biros. They just seem to vanish)

According to my plan I have a minimum 21 days of work remaining. This does seem a little daunting, but it actually means I’m almost half way through the plan.

As I mentioned, I have been joined in the woolpack by a team from the Natural History Museum. They made dinner!

This large team is doing an enormous amount of collecting work on the island over the next few weeks. There are at least 231 scientists squeezed in here now (I may exaggerate a little). Check out their (much more professional!) blog.

On monday I shall be heading out to Annet to help with the seabird count over there. Thats if the weather improves as it’s currently forecast that we’ll be hit by more gales and torrential rain. Fingers crossed.


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