Scilly Seabird Meeting

I’ve been back out on the Scillies for a few days, for the Scilly Seabirds meeting.

This involved me flying to the Scillies for the first time, rather than taking the boat. I’ve never been in a plane where they have to lower the seats like a 2 door car. Or see over the pilot’s shoulder. It’s been pretty windy these last few days, but the flights were surprisingly smooth. Smoother than the Scillionian it seems, judging by how green people looked after reaching St Mary’s.

It was nice to spend a few days catching up with people in the Scillies (Neworking, as I’ve said before, often involves pubs) as I don’t otherwise tend to see them over the winter. It was even nice to be back in the Woolpack too!

Most of the seabird meeting was dedictated to discussion about the ongoing Seabird recovery Project and the planned rat eradication on St Agnes. My contribution to the meeting was a brief report about my current findings, which mainly consisted of analysis of the individual tracking data to identify predictable foraging areas around the islands.


These kernel maps represent the predicted areas where shags will be found foraging, based on our GPS data. Obviously this kind of stuff is of interest to the people planning seabird conservation on the island!

On a related note here is a film by Matt which he filmed while we were carrying out the seabird surveys (My eyebrows have a short cameo)

and here is a video (that didn’t work, let that be a lesson to test video before trying to make my presentation!) of rafting behaviour.

We got a flight back shortly after the meeting, in order to make it back in time for Falmouth Beer festival  in order to get back to work.


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