The last days of Scilly

This year’s fieldwork has been shorter than previous years, due to a pressing urge to return to the mainland and actually write something. This has been at the back of my mind the entire time that I’ve been here. Never more-so than days when the windspeed increased to ridiculous levels.

Given the shorter timeframe, every day the weather kept me cowering underground was a day lost. This made the decision about when to leave a tricky one.


Pleasant as it was to stay on an (occasionally) sunny island, avoiding the enormous amount of work I knew I’d have to do upon my return, I eventually had to buy a ticket for the Scillonian. I  extended my stay as much as was neccesary to get that little bit of extra data. Finaly I persuaded myself I had enough data and that the MSc students would do fine at gathering data from Agnes. I had found plenty of rafts, and tracked them for extended periods of time. It was time to return and add them to the data from last year, and begin the task of analysing all this data!

On my last night, we had a traditional Woolpack barbecue. This takes place in one of the empty turrets where a gun used to sit.


As well as myself and the volunteers Norman and Lydia, Vicky (who I hadn’t managed to catch up with properly till now) and Bob also joined us to eat far too much and have a few drinks. We do BBQs properly at the woolpack!


We were very lucky with the weather. Then, as the sun set, a huge full moon rose.




It’s a funny feeling leaving the Scillies. More-so than usual this time. On the one hand, it’s nice to be home now. On the other hand, I’m not sure when I’ll be going back. At the moment I have no further fieldwork planned. Perhaps I’ll be back for the seabird meeting in October. Perhaps I’ll even come back under my own steam. I’d certainly like to get a kayak out here and explore the other islands. In the meantime, I have a whole lot of work to do! Till next time Scillies.




2 responses to “The last days of Scilly

  1. I would thoroughly recommend going back to the Scillies to explore a bit yourself! Lots of good holiday memories from there, especially exploring secluded beaches by kayak, and a particularly memorable kayak trip from St Mary’s to the beautiful Samson. For now, good luck with the analyses!!

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