Virtual Scillies

It is an inevitability of fieldwork that all the time spent gallivanting about in the outdoors will result in a far greater period of time spent in an office staring at a computer screen.

For me this involves sorting videos and inputting data. Then using a combination of the bearings I recorded and the video data, I transpose the raft locations onto a map. This is what my set-up for doing this looks like :

vrscilliesI’ve constructed a 3d representation of the Scillies, using terrain elevation data and high quality bathymetry data,which contains all the little rocks and ledges you find in the channels within the islands. Onto this I add my observation points, which I recorded using a GPS, and then plot the bearings from these points. Whenever I recorded the bearing, I zoomed the camera out so as be able to match it up with the 3d imagery to estimate the placement of the raft along the bearing.

Unfortunately the university computer I have is the opposite of powerful. As such, rotating the camera in the 3d space takes ages. There is also a significant delay between clicking to add a point on the map and the actual appearance of that point.

The time I spend in the virtual Isles of Scilly may almost be as long as the time I spend in the real Scillies.

Though hopefully not.


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