What do you think you’re doing?

Oh look, it’s going to be February this weekend.


This week I have been:

  • Trying to write a chapter, which involves putting words on a page in an order that doesn’t make my supervisors want to murder me.


  • Writing a detailed methodology for the chapter, which involves putting ALL the words about what how my simulation works. Which is a surprising amount. However, I also need to avoid writing too many words on the bits of my simulations which have already been written elsewhere, by someone else. This can be frustrating.


  • Wrestling with LaTeX, which can turn this:

    \overrightarrow{f}\! \! _{i,int}= \omega _{rep}\overrightarrow{f}\! \! _{i,rep}+ \omega _{al}\overrightarrow{f}\! \! _{i,al}+\omega _{att}\overrightarrow{f}\! \! _{i,att}+\omega _{front}\overrightarrow{f}\! \! _{i,front}

Into this:


  • Producing surprisingly pretty excel spreadsheets:


  • Trying to work out how best to quantify which model is better than another, and how to convince others about this (“Trust me!” just doesn’t cut it).


  • Not Panicking.

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