Then and now


So I have had something published! It’s a literature review discussing how information can contribute to the formation and maintenance of animal colonies. For comparison, on the left is a literature review I wrote in my third year of my undergraduate degree, about four years ago. As was the case with me doing a project on shags in the isles of Scilly in my second year, this piece of work now seems strangely prescient.

You can find my review here on Biological Reviews.

This actually appeared on the internet last Thursday, but I had no idea of this until someone I’d cited contacted me about it. This work was first submitted for publication in June last year (though it was one of the first things I started writing back when I initially began my PhD). A couple of iterations later (and not at the dates given on the website!) here we are.

I think their presentation is definitely better than my attempt at doing columns.


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